SAS PRESIDENT KRUGER – 37 YEARS LATER. The SA Naval Museum pays homage to the 16 men that lost their lives in the early morning hours on the 18th of February 1982, 37 years ago. The display at the museum is a stark reminder of what can happen at sea, but also tells of the camaraderie and valour that saw 173 men survive the tragic sinking.
Seen here visiting the museum last week, a survivor, CPO J.W. Fourie (Ret), that served on PK in the Electronic Warfare Branch as an Able Seaman (EWO). He recounted the events on the night as one of initial disbelieve and shock, first thinking that the PK may have hit the submarine SAS Emily Hobhouse. Then making his way onto the deck shortly after the collision observing the fleet replenishment vessel SAS Tafelberg “so close that I could see the men on Taffies, almost asking, what are you guys doing here?” He realized that PK was in trouble…
Please visit the magnificent website specially dedicated to the SAS President Kruger and the men that served on the frigate.