Cape Town and Simon’s Town remain a popular holiday destination for many people. Conveniently situated on the tourism route, the Naval Museum benefits from this influx of tourists, most of them making their way to the penguins at Boulders or on a scenic rendezvous with Cape Point. December and January holidays therefore again yielded a large number of visitors to the SA Naval Museum in Simon’s Town.
During the early part of the holidays we saw a lot of holiday visitors, not just from the inland provinces, but also from abroad, especially the United Kingdom. It was however most encouraging towards the latter part of the holidays to see local Capetonians visit.
The total amount of visitors that came to the SA Naval Museum during the holiday season amounted to 2389 (December), which is on par with last year’s totals. The busiest day of the holidays was Friday the 27th of December, when the museum personnel had their hands full with the 210 visitors that came through the gate. Feedback and comments were very positive, as reflected in the visitors’ book and on TripAdvisor and Google business websites.
The SA Naval Museum remains open seven days a week from 09:30 – 15:30. Enquiries: 021 787 4686 or