St Joseph’s Marist College visit to the South African Naval Museum

Article: Petty Officer Precious Mohlala

Photos:  Petty Officer Precious Mohlala and Leading Seaman Conrad Du Plooy

The South African Naval Museum offers guided tours to schools groups throughout the year. These visits have been the staple of our “feet through the gate” and we are thankful that numbers have increased steadily since the end of the Covid-19 lock down.

On the 8th and 9th of November 2022 the St Joseph’s Marist College grade 3 learners visited the South African Naval Museum. The college is one of the five Marist Schools in South-Africa and situated in Rondebosch, Cape Town. They offer pupils the opportunity to start school at the age three right through to Grade 12.

Prior to the visit, the pupils learned about different forms of transport in class and they displayed a great interest in submarines. The teachers explained to them the functions and reasons for the use of submarines. The learners were then given a task to write a creative story about a trip on a submarine.

Even though they have never experienced a trip on a submarine and its space limitations, they used their imagination to write the story and drew pictures of the trip. The  gave the drawings and gift cards as token of appreciation to the tour guides, Leading Seaman Conrad du Plooy and Petty Officer Precious Mohlala.

The tour included an interactive presentation and some of the pupils volunteered to wear a Life Jacket and a Fire Entry Suit in the demonstration. The visit ended with a tour of the museum to see the historical items that are displayed in the museum and they also managed to go into the mock-up of a  Daphne class Submarine.

Petty Officer Precious Mohlala and the St Joseph Marist College grade three learners (first group).

The teachers later commented on the visit, “As teachers, we thought that the tour guides would enjoy the drawings that the kids had done. We thought we would give them to show our appreciation for allowing us to experience the submarine. The gift was a random act of kindness and the pupils are taught that a thank you is always important no matter how small or big. This was an unforgettable experience for both teachers and pupils”.

Leading Seaman Conrad du Plooy and the St Joseph Marist College grade three learners (second group).

Kids thank you letters and drawings: